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Adult Pet Wellness Plans

Our hospital strives to provide the BEST health care options for our patients. Dr. Hollis came up with voluntary wellness plans a few years ago after going to a human health care patient screening himself. 

Pets age much faster than humans. PAH feels like twice yearly wellness exams and bloodwork screenings are important to early disease detection and treatment. You may choose to participate in such a program when your pet is due for their yearly vaccinations and then again in six months. This allows the doctor to establish a baseline of health for your pet and monitor/track any changesthat may occur along the way. 

Dr. Hollis coined his wellness program "Healthy Hearts and Parts". He developed a Junior version for pets under 7 years of age and a Senior version for pets over 7 years of age. Every pet receives a digital ecg of the heart along with arrhythmia scan, oxygen saturation and heart rate with the "healthy heart" part of the program.

For the "parts", junior pets will have bloodwork run that includes a complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry panel to screen liver, kidneys, proteins, and blood sugar. Senior pets will have the same bloodwork with additional parameters checked on the chemistry panel to further examine the kidneys, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and mineral levels. 

Healthy Hearts and Parts Junior wellness visit costs $85 (this includes the examination fee)

Healthy Hearts and Parts Senior wellness visit costs $110 (this includes the examination fee) 

Some veterinary hospitals have developed similar wellness plans that are pre-pay or have monthly reoccurring fees. We feel this approach is not beneficial to the pet owner because it places the burden of remembering when to come in on the pet owner. Other plans self renew on your credit card, require membership fees, or are part of an agreement with a third party company. We will never do that. We pride ourselves in providing you with complete control of spending, providing options for flexibility, and pay as service is provided fees. 

Our Healthy Hearts and Parts programs have been extremely popular with many pet owners because of their thorough evaluation of the pet's health and their overwhelming value in cost.  

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