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Immunization And Wellness Care


We strive to prevent illness whenever possible.  The time and effort invested in Wellness programs have rewards for both pets and owners.  Our Wellness programs at Providence Animal Hospital are designed specifically for your pet and include:  Comprehensive physical exam; internal parasite testing; heartworm and external parasite (flea/tick) control; vaccination programs; spay and neuter packages; and specialized blood tests for all life stages.

Regular wellness exams are an important tool for keeping your pet healthy. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends annual wellness exams at a minimum. As your pet ages, they suggest an increase in frequency of visits. At Providence Animal Hospital, we take that standard a step further and stress twice yearly exams.

One of the most important reasons to bring your pet in on a regular basis is to monitor and treat conditions before they become a threat. Since pets can’t talk to us to tell us how they are feeling, they often hide early signs of illness. Disease may be present before you are aware of symptoms. The benefit of early detection allows time for steps to be taken to manage or correct a problem before irreversible damage occurs. Because our pets age so much faster (5 to 7 times!) than we do, regular wellness exams are one of the best ways that you can help your pet live a long, healthy life.

During a wellness exam, our veterinary team will start out by taking your pet’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration rate and weight). The veterinarian will ask for a complete history of your pet’s health and perform a comprehensive examination of your pet from nose to tail. The information becomes part of your pet’s medical history, which may be critical when an emergency or sudden illness arises. Any abnormalities may result in recommendations for additional diagnostic tests, such as blood work, urinalysis or intestinal parasite screening. Catching problems early solves problems more rapidly, saving your pet unnecessary discomfort and possibly the costs of more expensive treatment later on. Additionally, disease screenings (heartworm, kidney, liver, blood disorders, etc.) may be recommended, depending on the state of your pet’s health.

Wellness exams are a simple and effective way of monitoring your pet’s health. This does not necessarily mean that your pet is going to be subjected to a barrage of complicated or costly medical tests and treatments. While some animals may need close monitoring of blood work, x-rays or other tests, many pets benefit simply from being physically examined, having their heart and lungs listened to and their general health assessed, preventing a major health issue from developing undetected. This also gives us the opportunity to analyze and record baseline values, such as temperature, body condition, and lab work. We measure these when your pet is healthy, in order to provide better care in the event of illness or emergency. A dental health exam and a weight check are always important parts of a wellness exam, and may indicate problems that can progress rapidly and can have significant impact on your pet’s overall health.

Early detection and correction of medical problems will help to ensure that your pet will love a long, healthy and active life. 

Immunization is important for your pet. We vaccinate each patient as an individual since each animal's needs may differ. Some pets may not require vaccination for every disease particularly if their risks factors do not place them in a high risk category. 

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